Posted: May. 2, 2018
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April Animators Roundtable Illuminates and Inspires

May 2, 2018 | blog


April Animators Roundtable Illuminates and Inspires

by Kathy Dismukes

The Animators Roundtable is a picture-perfect example of how WIFV helps to advance the technical expertise of both beginners and long-time industry pros and facilitates their creative process. It’s coordinated by Kristin Harris, an animator, illustrator, designer, and educator whose passion is to use art to connect kids to science.

About 20 people attended the April 23rd program in the Interface Media Group conference room, where two artist-animators, Jackie Lay and Kathy Wilson, walked us through the artistic and technical processes they employ when creating animation. Jackie Lay was the first animator hired by The Atlantic, the venerable-yet-still-hip political, literary, and cultural magazine and multi-platform publisher. The Atlantic not only committed to a big, open-access online presence; they hired four full-time animators who enliven and elucidate their content. Jackie focuses on magazine cover stories, series, and maps/charts, and usually has a very fast turnaround time (three weeks for three minutes!).

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Posted: Apr. 17, 2018

Use These Data Analytics Tips to Find Your Film’s Audience
by Jess Fuselier and Liz Manashil

On March 12, Liz and Jess from Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative, and Amber Thomas from Polygraph, got together and presented a session for SXSW badge holders on Data Analytics for Storytellers. Making great art is hard, but so is distribution and marketing.

However, it’s never been more important to have a grasp on how to build audiences for your work. As the market becomes more oversaturated by the year, the concept of having sustainable careers for independent storytellers becomes more and more complicated. 

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