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DragonukConnects.com is a Professional Networking Community and Jobs Site Covering the Entertainment Industry in the Mid-Atlantic States USA.


The Mid-Atlantic States are Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, The Virginias and the surrounding outskirts.


The Membership includes Talent (Actors, Models, TV Show Hosts, Radio Personalities), Freelance Production Crew Members (Film, Video, TV & Theatre),  Agents, Casting Directors, Theatres, Production Company's, Independent Filmmakers, Universities, State Film Offices, Unions, Trade Groups & Organizations, and Other Industry Resources (Headshot Photographers, Reprint House, Demo Reel Editors, ETC)





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Lesli Linka Glatter, director of the Showtime drama HOMELAND- George Mason University on 2/17 4 PM Posting From WIFV and Film and Video Studies, George Mason University Location Arlington, VA
Indie Lens Pop-Up screening of DOLORES- Sunday, February 25, 5:30 PM at Busboys and Poets, Posting From ITVS/WHUT and WIFV Location Washington, DC
Nationwide competition titled, proJECT CrE8 - submission deadline is March 3, 2018. Posting From proJECT CrE8.- BET Networks and paramount players Location Natioinwide
a talk with seasoned festival programmer Andrea Passafiume next Wednesday, February 21 Posting From Docs In Progress- Erica Ginsberg, Executive Director Location Silver Spring MD
Meals for Monologues is back! - Mid-Atlantic area Meals for Monologues event at Suite/ Sunday, 2/25 Posting From Casting directors Anne Chapman, CSA and Erica Arvold, CSA Location Richmond VA
Seeking White Extras (ages 20-50) for Short Film "Chai" Posting From Glen Road Pictures Location Gaithersburg, Maryland
"LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD & THE 3 LITTLE PIGS" AUDITIONS AT THE PUPPET CO. Posting From the Puppet Co. Playhouse Location the Puppet Co. Playhouse, Glen Echo Park, MD
Seeking Male Talent for Anti-drug abuse commercial Posting From A. Bright Idea Location Bel Air, MD
Story House is looking for LEAD & SUPPORTING Roles for the upcoming episode of true crime show ‘COPY Posting From Story House Productions Location MD/DC/Northern VA
Casting Hispanic/Latino male, mid 60s-70s, Native American male, mid 30s-60s, Hispanic/Latino or Posting From Carlyn Davis Casting - Suzanne Kang Location WAshington DC
CASTING: FEMALE: 25-40 years old. Product spokesperson for one-day video shoot for Lumber Liquidator Posting From Lumber Liquidators, Location Williamsburg VA
Casting MALE: 30-50 years old- Product spokesperson for one-day video shoot for Lumber Liquidators, Posting From Lumber Liquidators, Location Williamsburg, VA
Casting 21 Roles a Virginia Hospital Center Spot Auditions 2/20 and 2/21 In Baltimore MD Posting From Taylor Royall Casting. Location Baltimore MD