I've seen some good ones and some not so good ones. Where can you get one? How to do it yourself. Post your questions and comments.

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Video Demo Reels
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Like your headshot this is another tool. However I would only put together a demo reel if it is real
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Good advice... thanks!
by Edna-Jakki Miller - 8 year(s) ago
By 'embedding' a video's information, you can provide access to several other video s
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Hi J.We have played around with the idea of...
by Dragonuk Jay - 11 year(s) ago
I posted a demo reel this morning from YouTube. Although the still thumbnail image brought over look
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Hi J. First I apologize for not seeing your...
by Dragonuk Jay - 14 year(s) ago
It's only a 3 minute DVD, but it's a huge file. How to I compress this professionally prod
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Wow! Thanks Jay and Phil. Will give it a shot....
by [User Deleted] - 14 year(s) ago