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Video thumbnail 'squeezed'
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Posted 7:24 AM Apr. 12, 2010

I posted a demo reel this morning from YouTube. Although the still thumbnail image brought over looks normal on YouTube, it looks 'squeezed' on Dragonuk Connects. Can anyone tell me why this is? Most of the other reels' thumbnails look fine, but mine looks awful.

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Posted 11:57 PM Apr. 21, 2010
Hi J. First I apologize for not seeing your post sooner. We have a technical support forum here that I check regularly. I missed this because it was under demo reels. Also you'll get answers to your support questions within 24 hours (normally even sooner) when you hit the "Contact us" button at the bottom of any page.

As to your question, I just went to your video and I do see what you are saying about the squeezed thumbnail. It looks like your video is widescreen or 16:9 ratio whereas our thumbnails are 4:3 ratio and to fit it in the thumbnail box, the program automatically squeezes it and I do apologize for that.

I have contacted the developer and he said that he is working on an update for our video program and it may be a few weeks before he can debug this. Unfortunately in web development language that may be a few months. I am sorry, but will keep on him to fix this.

Jay Chapin