Posted: Feb. 13, 2014
Category: Free Sample Acting Classes

Sample - On Set Location Class with John Pallotta

Never been on set before, Our Wednesday class is set up like a location shoot. Join us every Wednesday at 7PM.One Free Sample class offered per student.

To attend class please call direct at 877 - 228 - 3115

with John Pallotta
New York City Wednesday 7:30PM-10PM

On Set Location Class is offered in four-week cycles. Signing up for an “Acting for Film” cycle counts as a full BASIC membership package. Other classes are accessible when taking Acting for Film as part of an UNLIMITED membership package.

The goal of this class is to bring “A New Approach Towards Acting” process into the acting for film scenario. Each month there will be a new film scene chosen for actors to develop the characters, rehearse with the director and it will be shot on the fourth week. 

Scenes will be original material based on an overall premise. Characters will be created for each actor and the story established after the first cast meeting. The script will be built and rehearsal will continue after the script has been completed. The shoot will emulate full on set coverage (Master, Medium, Close up, etc.) and the scenes will be edited and available for the actors within days after the shoot. 

What you will learn from John Pallotta

-Take on a character in a split second with fullness and reality.
- Create believable emotion.
- Make choices as an actor and feel confident in those choices.
- Not freeze at auditions.
- Book more work.
- Memorize lines fast.
- Quickly change directions on a character or scene when new pages or role descriptions are added last minute.
- Prepare for an audition fast and feel good about it.
- Add rich layers to your roles and performances.
- Break your casting mold!


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