Posted: Oct. 7, 2013
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With John Pallotta 
Acting Coach and Now Casting Director for 3 Feature Fims 

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John Pallotta is a firm believer that there is no such thing as Acting there is only Life. John's technique is based on the belief that Acting is A STATE OF MIND. 

It is about innocence, imagination, vulnerability, instincts and honesty. It is about practicing the potential qualities that you were born with. The less you think like an actor, the more childlike and innocent you are, the more productive and in the moment you will be. 

Audition Technique and Character Development, Scene Study, Audition Prep, Commercial Acting, How to film on set, Actor Branding and Career Management You will also learn learn about the business of acting and Branding with Career management. Call 877 228 3115 or 646 619 7777 or email  and visit us online at 

John Pallotta is rated the #1 Acting Coach in the nation  

John Pallotta to Coach Hettie Barnhill, star of 
Spiderman - Turn off The Dark and her major break in Law and Order SVU. 


Join John Pallotta today in NYC and DC. 

Classes are held at the following locations except for special intensives and lectures. 

358 West 44th Street NYC NY 10036 

Washington DC 
1469 Harvard Street (Rear) on 15th Between Columbia & Harvard 

Chicago and Boston (2014) 
(Bimonthly) Dates and Times TBA

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Those Directed by, Came to Class, Read Dialogue with or 
Endorsing John Pallotta 


Hettie Barnhill - Spiderman turn of The Dark 
Miss United States Candiace Dillard
Miss Virginia Linday Bianca 
Guy Shahar - 3 Time Tony Nominee 
Oscar Winner Billy Badalato 
Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon (Early Modeling) 
Oscar Nom Chazz Palminteri Off Broadway 1983 
Oscar Nominee Danny Aiello 
Oscar Nominee Donna Pallotta 
Oscar Nominee Randolofo Cacavale 
Oscar Nominee Nicholas Lorain 
Emmy Nominee Anna Chulmsky (VEEP) 
5X Emmy Winner James Brown 
5X Emmy Winner Mia Michaels 
The Good Wife Johnny Alonso 
Emmy Nominee Josh Charles 
Emmy Winner Jon Favreau 
Emmy Winner Jen Jiles 
Emmy Winner Sue Dixon 
Emmy Winner Ben Aaron NBC News
Director Robert Downey Sr. 
Grammy Winner Kate Pierson 
Grammy Nominee Talitha Cumi 
Grammy Nominee Patrice Covington 
Obie Winner Yvette Ganier 
Joseph Donofrio -­ Goodfellas 
Kerr Smith - Dawson's Creek 

Huston Rockets Kyle Lowrey 
Activist Dick Gregory 
Senator Frank Lautenberg 

See the Video Endorsements at and hundreds more on Youtube 

Looking forward to see you at these events in NYC DC and Chicago. 

Peace and Blessings. 

John Pallotta Studio