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Receive awards for best new classical artists from Indie Channel Music Awards, Global Music Bronze Awards for Best classical song ' Mio babbino Caro'
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My name is Carmelita Bartholomew and I'm an opera singer. I have performed as a supernumerary memember for the Baltimore Opera Company and the National Washington Opera Company. I am a Grammy member, Global Music Awards Bronze winner and Indie Channel Music awards. I have performed on the east and west coast of the United States. I have also performed overseas in places such as Germany, Paris, India, Barbados, Rome and for The Ambassador of Egypt. I have also sung at the very first Cherry Blossom Festival that President Barack Obama attended in DC. I have also been a special guest performer for several famous music artists such as P Diddy, Septimus the Great, Lil' Kim just to name a few. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be opening up for rap artist. Indeed this was a wonderful tool and experience for me. Because of this young people recogniz who I am. Truly this has been exciting for me. I am an extremely hard worker especially on my craft being an opera singer is my passion always have been all of my life. When I am not singing opera I am working as a Traffic Enforcement Officer for the City of Baltimore. It is a tough job to work but I get to meet so many beautiful people everyday.

Opera Singer Carmelita B