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John Pallotta = Amazing!
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Posted 9:15 AM May. 17, 2012

In March I started taking classes every Tuesday night in DC with John Pallotta. I love this teacher! He seems to channel Uta and Strasberg. He works with actors of all levels and it's amazing how he differentiates his style to their needs. I've grown already in my acting ability, my knowledge of the industry and my confidence. The people in his classes are amazing and supportive too! I've hit a block and several of them have told me I'm going to stand up and cheer when you make it through to that next level. How's that for encouragement and support??

Not only that...but through him I've networked with other actors, casting directors and marketing people. You've got to come and chekc out one of his free intensive starting at the end of May and in June in DC.

<3 Lori

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Posted 8:41 AM Nov. 23, 2012
Let me second that. I went to John Pallotta's introductory seminar in November and what he did with the actors was absolutely transformational. Plus, although Pallotta has an overall approach, he also gives actors the kind of personal attention you just don't get in an acting school or in some of the franchised seminars that are offered occasionally in DC. I begin Pallotta's classes in December and am very much looking forward to it.