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How to File a Claim For unpaid Work in Washington
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How to File a Claim

DC Wage Claim Application https://app.does.dc.gov/owh/

You may complete the online wage claim form for unpaid wages if:

  • Your work was performed in the District
  • If you were not a part of the management of the company
  • You were not an independent contractor

If you worked in Maryland, you must contact the Maryland Department of Labor and Industry at (410) 767-2357.

If you worked in Virginia, you must contact the Virginia Department of Labor at (804) 371-2327.

If you were a part of management, contact the Office of Wage-Hour at (202) 671-1880.

If you are filling a claim for unpaid overtime, contact the Office of Wage-Hour at (202) 671-1880, and your complaint will be taken over the phone.

If you were an independent contractor, please file your claim directly in Small Claims Court.

A Compliance Specialist can take minimum wage and overtime/living wage claims over the phone or the employee may visit the office. Claims filed pursuant to the Wage Payment and Wage Collection Law and the Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act are required to be in writing and accompanied by a notarized form assigning the claim to the Office of Wage-Hour. These forms can be mailed to you upon request or you may file your claim in person at the Office of Wage-Hour.

For more information, contact the following:

DC Department of Employment Services
Labor Standards Bureau
Office of Wage-Hour
4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE, Fourth Floor
Washington, DC 20019
Phone: (202) 671-1880
Fax: (202) 673-6411
Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm

Service Contact: Office of Wage-Hour Contact Email: does@dc.gov Contact Phone: (202) 671-1880 Contact Fax: (202) 673-6411 Contact TTY: TTY Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm

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