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Are younger Physically Fit actors in higher demand than older- Average looking people
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Posted 11:17 PM Jan. 26, 2018
I have noticed here lately that requirements of the actors and actresses need to be attractive, slender, athletic and or muscular. We ugly folks are missing out lol
I Confess, I have no idea where you are looking for work. I looked at DragonukConnects newsletter the day you wrote me this and each of the next 4 days - and for those 5 days 65% of jobs were open to those Age 50+ and only 3 openings out of almost 1100 in those 5 days required someone physically fit.
There are certain productions that require younger or more Physically Fit people but they are rare and there are productions that require older people as well.

I'm seeing more postings without age restrictions or with age groups that are 20-30 years wide opening those roles up in age