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Before signing with a Talent agency or Management Company...
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Posted 7:41 PM Oct. 9, 2017

Before signing with a Talent agency or Management Company...

There's a lot of talk out there about different talent agencies and management companies and who are the best, worst, and whether they are real or a scam.

It's very important that you know the industry rules regarding some of these acting scams. Especially new actors, those who have never had representation, and especially the moms and dads out there who have dreams of your kids making it big in this industry.

So here are some tips for you to remember when attending a meeting or open call with one of these companies:

• When going to your meeting, leave your checkbook and Credit cards at home - You have no reason to have them at ANY OPEN CALL or any other meeting like this.

• If they ask you to spend $2000.00, or any required amount, on a portfolio from them (photo's, Classes, training, or other services from them), Laugh out loud... Very Loud on your way out the door. Rehearse your laugh at home in front of your mirror before you go.

• There is NEVER, EVER anything you need to sign, EVER, the same day you hear about it. YOU always need to take copies of everything home with you, so your lawyer can read them. If You do not have a lawyer, ACT LIKE YOU HAVE ONE!

• It is OK for them to tell you as a Professional, that you need more or even better Photo's, or that you should take acting classes.

• It is OK to Provide you with a list of people they know (photographers, acting coaches, etc.) that do great work.

• It is also OK for their company to be on the list with other portfolio providers.

But it is NOT OK for them to REQUIRE you to get any photo's, Classes, training, or other services exclusively from them.

• You are Hiring them for Certain Services and you pay them in full for those services ONLY, by whatever commission you and they agree upon.

• Also Watch for Exclusive agreements in any contract. An exclusive agreement requires you to pay them an agreed upon commission, for all of the work you do, even when you already paid a commission to the person that got you the job, or even if you got the job for free, from someplace like my site.

• You also need to carefully read the cancellation clause in the contract! Written notice is normal. 30 day written notice is OK, but I have seen abusive contracts requiring 180 day (6 Month) written notice.

• I Am also seeing contracts that auto renew at the end instead of expire. They require the written cancellation notice before the expiration date, so you might have to give them 6 months written notice so your contract expires on time.

• These are all reasons why every contract needs to be taken home and read multiple times even if you do not have a lawyer.

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