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What do I need to do to take full advantage of DragonukConnects?
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Posted 11:55 PM Sep. 19, 2017

1) DragonukConnects sends everyone the same daily newsletter to every member. It lists about 60-70% of the jobs we hear about.

2) The other 30-40% of jobs involves some kind of search from our database

A) The employer could search the database themselves, from their office or home
B) I or my staff can do a search for the employer and send them the results
C) I or my staff can email a Casting notice directly to those that match the Employer's needs.

So if you do not have a Headshot or Resume in your Profile... you have excluded yourself from all searches. So you never are told about 30-40% of all of the jobs that we put out.

So if you have not done so, take a couple of minutes and add your headshot and resume to your profile to correct this.

3) The searches that are made on the Dragonuk site, can be as wide as the employer wants (gender, age, ethnicity). Or as narrow as the employer wants (gender, age, ethnicity, hair color, facial hair, height, weight and dress or suit size).

If 90% of your profile is blank, the computer will exclude you from the searches due to your unanswered profile specs.

Therefore, any unanswered question, can exclude you from a search.

Also, putting information in the database that is not 100% accurate, will get you postings for jobs that you can not actually fill or be hired for. For example, you can not fit the wardrobe, or you do not have the skills that are needed. Obviously in these cases, you will exclude yourself from getting the postings you can be hired for.

So please make sure that everything is 100% accurate.

Now there are profile questions like, "Can you use a Teleprompter?"
Now, if you can't read from a Teleprompter, or never tried to, or if you have never taken a class on teleprompters... excluding yourself from this type of job, is the correct thing. So obviously, not every profile question should be answered.

Now to give you an example of how important that filling in as much of your profile info is...
We assisted a NYC based Production company, shooting a movie and 15 episodes, of 4 different TV Shows, that were all shooting in WV. All in all, we cast 1200 plus roles! And for all 1200 plus roles, we had to find out the wardrobe sizes that they had in stock for that role! We searched the files for those actors that fit the available wardrobe, and cast our members from that search.

We have searched for people that bowl, play soccer, play baseball, play football, Ice Skate, Roller skate, swim, play golf, are Drs, Nurses, EMT's, and more... all from our database.

We have searched For People that speak Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (all 4 of them), Portuguese, French and many other languages, or have Southern, Bostonian, Bronx, Cockney and other Accents.

Obviously, if your profile does not contain this info, you'll be excluded from all those searches.

Therefore, do your best to complete your profile, and keep it up to date.

4) All of what I said above is true whether you are a Basic, Free member or a PAID member. Both Free and Paid are excluded from our searches if they have not put all of their info into the Dragonuk database.

A paid Talent Membership ($35 yr Union Members, $45 yr. Non-Union) allows the Employer to open your info, read your resume, see your demo reels, listen to you voice reels, and hire you from the site.

As a matter of fact, your DragonukConnects Talent membership, allows you to add
-Multiple Resumes
-Multiple Photo Albums
-Up to 10 different video demo reels
-MP3 voice reels (Voiceovers, Languages, Dialects/accents, Singing, Musical Instruments, etc.)
All included in your $35/yr for Union Members, and $45/yr for Non-Union Talent Membership. (FREE members should also upload their Photo's, Demo Reels ETC so we can show Employers if they ask).

When the Employer does the search, everyone (with a headshot and a Resume) that fits the Employers needs, and has answered all the necessary questions, will have their name and headshot come up in the search (Paid members are shown first). The Employer can then review all the results, go over all of the members' info... and Hire them!

The Basic free members' headshots are in the sort behind the paid members, but the employer can not open their files. They have to ask me to send them the free members' information. Or I will contact them for the employer. But most of the time, they will simply hire the paid members. So you have to decide for yourself... Is it worth $35/yr for Union Members, or $45/yr for Non-Union members, for the Employers to sit in their office and have the ability to review your info from the site or not with the ability to contact you directly?

Let us know if you have any questions, or ever need help in any way.