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Posted 9:31 PM Jul. 13, 2016

I am a military veteran and former police officer. In my line of work, strong communication between co-workers and people I dealt with was the key to less confusion and mistakes.

How much is too much communication with casting companies? After season 1 ended on a certain show, I have emailed casting once every 2 or 3 weeks checking in to see if there is anything coming up. is that too much or does it show that I am interested in more work?


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Posted 9:45 PM Jul. 14, 2016


Every office is different but for future work Every office has some way of letting actors know about upcoming work. Some have there own websites and Post there, Others have email list of their own that they use, Still others Use DragonukConnects, The WIFV DC List, The TIVA DC List, or The Actors Center list, Still others use Yahoo Groups or Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media Site. They all should have general Information about how they contact Actors on their website or from sources within their office.

Generally they let every Actor know about every job but If the have their own Website they may search and only send Jobs to those that Match their needs. Some Let everyone Know for FREE others have a Charge.

Contacting their office instead of using the Normal Channels of Communication for that office will almost always fail in the long run - so my advice is to find that communication channel and use it.

They want everyone to use it so it is not hidden from you.

Best Brian

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Posted 11:41 AM Jul. 15, 2016
Thank you for the info.