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Do you prefer an "in character", props and wardrobe shot, as well as a regular headshot?
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Posted 11:21 PM Jul. 11, 2014

When submitting myself for a role do you prefer an "in character", props and wardrobe shot, as well as a regular headshot or just a regular headshot? Same goes for auditions, do you like me dressed as a hotdog vendor or just normal clothes?

I do little Actual Casting on my own but have assisted most of the larger casting offices in the region. While they all profess to be able to envision anyone in any role - I have heard the comments made when the person they are bringing in to read for a Congressman or Businessman looks like they stopped mowing the lawn, got in the car and came to the audition.

Quite a long time ago I started collecting "On Set" photo's of me in various roles (Mostly taken by the PA'S on set) and sending 1 of them (if appropriate) along with my headshot and it greatly increased my Auditions.

If they are hiring a policeman and I send them a 2nd shot of me "On Set" as a policeman - and I also Included my 2nd resume with the training roles I played at the US Secret Service Academy in Beltsville, FBI Academy in Quantico and NVCJTA (Northern VA Criminal Justice Training academy) in Ashburn VA - I stopped even having to Audition.

If you have not seen the Police Resume http://www.bdragonuk.com/uploads/Resume__Law_Enforcement.pdf

I took this 1 step further with my last headshot reprint Reducing Joe Henson’s Great shot of me to 6X8 and Including 10 "on set" as thumbnails down the left edge and across the bottom to make the 8X10 - I would not have done this if Joe's Photo had not been such a High Quality

If you have not seen the Headshot http://www.bdragonuk.com/HeadShot___Resume.html

I personally gave it to every Casting Director (so I could watch Faces) and only 1 had issues with it. Her Comment was "You are telling me you do not trust me to do my job" My reply "No, I do not trust the Interns you change every 3 months to pull my file and put it on your desk so you can do your job - It's for them not you"

Truth is less than half my work (and all 10 of my highest paying jobs) came to me From the Production Company, Indie Filmmaker, Advertising Agency or Client without an Agent or Casting Director involved. It's actually for them.

Sorry about the long-winded reply but I wanted you to know my personal experience since we worked on so many of the same projects over the last 15 yrs.

This is a competitive Business and marketing yourself smartly - works

Sometimes marketing only opens the Audition Door (Fantastic) sometimes it seals the Callback (wonderful) and sometimes you WIN the job without the Audition (Yea)

If you know the part and the scene - Dress that way - within reason (No String Bikini's at Auditions - Unless requested - then don't drive there in it) If you have a 2nd photo that puts you in the part send it with (never instead of) your headshot.

Just do not overdue things - I was at 1 Casting office recently when an actor sent in a submission of 10 photos - 2 is ok -- 3 is pushing it but if properly sized and part of a comp card type submission form OK, but it needs to be a shot that Casting is looking for.

The last Casting I did was a Principal role in an Industrial as a waitress - I received the Bikini Shot working out in a gum along with the headshot - How can I tell if she is smart enough to pour coffee from that???