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Kids agents in the DC area?
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Posted 10:33 AM May. 19, 2014

Anyone can recommed a great agent/ manger for kids in the DC area or NY/PA



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Posted 10:49 PM May. 29, 2014
There are a few Agents locally that represent Kids but you have to be very careful

We are a freelance area with little work for anyone under 18 yrs old (NYC is the closest market with work for those under 18)

DragonukConnects posts quite a bit of the Available work because quite a few of the Agents and Casting Directors do not keep files on kids because it is hard to keep them up to date - New Headshots every 6 mo as they grow and the look changes.

In the past, Many of those representing Kids became adapt in telling parent what the parents wanted to hear and sold them everything under the sun in order to make up for the commission they could not earn because there is little to no work here.

Exclusive Contracts obligate you to pay the Agent on ALL of the work the kids do from any source even if you had to pay the Person that Actually got your child the work a commission.

Then they started Extending the contract length from the normal 3 years to 5 years

Then they started extending the cancelation clauses from "send a written notice" to "30 day written notice", then 60, 90, 120 or 180 day written notice to cancel.

And finally they added an "Automatic Renewal Unless Canceled Clause" so if you also had a 180 written notice clause you have to remember to "Cancel" the contract at 4 1/2 years and sit waiting for 6 months for the contract to expire or have it renew for another 5 yrs. Of course you can cancel at any time but still - 6 months??

And then of course - came the "Mandatory Classes" that you have to pay for and they had no problems telling you that your child is not working because they are behind in their training or their skills are rusty if you miss paying for a class - Totally ignoring the fact that there is little to no work here - and hundreds of kids looking for it. Someone gets Hired, hundreds do not - for every job.

The Agent does not get your child any work and you go someplace else for work - then you pay them their commission just as if they got your child the work

You cancel the contract - get work someplace else - then you pay them their commission just as if they got your child the work for the next 6 months anyway.

Look I know Kids need training - kids need Exercises to keep their skills fresh - everyone does

We have a lot of Great Theatre Programs that are very inexpensive all over the area. There are Singing, Dancing and Music Programs in School - Theatre Programs once they are older.

Summer Camp Programs, and much, much more

Here are 2 Local Agents with Good Reputations and years of service to the local kids

I do not know their current Contract terms

Kids International Talent Agency
Box 152
938 Swan Creek Rd E,

Fort Washington, MD 20744
(301) 292-6094

Barbara Love

Suzi Young - Manager
Camera Ready Kids ®
Talent Management, Inc.

11315 Lockwood Drive
Mail Box #410
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Offices: 301-270-1640
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Posted 12:23 PM Jul. 7, 2014