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Would an Employer Mind if I auditioned with a Commercial or script excerpt?
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Posted 6:16 PM Feb. 24, 2014

Question, is it okay to use a professional printed script, commercial or excerpt from a script in place of genuine monologues for an audition? Or should I just stick with printed monologue? If the piece is performed professionally and practiced, do the audition directors mind?

There are Very few things about our industry that are carved in Stone - a Potential Employers Directions is 1 of them

No 2 Employers are 100% alike but many watch EVERYTHING they tell you to see if you follow directions

If you can't follow very simple directions in order to get Hired - WHY would they hire you and put you in a position that not following directions can cost them hundreds, thousands even MILLIONS of $$$$$$

It is Possible that the next Potential Employer will love you selling him soap (or Chocolate or whatever) and hire you to play the Father that just lost his only child to a drunk driver but chances are the next 10 will not even consider you because you did not do what you were told to do

Best Brian

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Posted 10:09 PM Feb. 24, 2014
My 2 cents on this. Having done dozens of audition reels over the years…An employer or casting director wants to see what you can do. Can you act?? Can you prove that you can take the part they are trying to fill? Whatever shows emotion, facial expressions, anger, joy, etc., will put you at the top of the list.

But as Brian says, first and foremost, follow the directions and give them exactly what they ask for. If there is no rule for what your audition is and what you should read from?? Then give them your best, regardless of where you take it from.


Jay Chapin