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Common sense Things that may help you find work
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Posted 11:56 PM Jul. 11, 2012

Some Tips and Common sense Things that may help you find work

By Brian Dragonuk

Over the last 2 weeks I have been asked by several members "Why am I not being cast?" or "How do I increase my Chances of being cast?"

The truth is that unless I am working directly with an Employer - I have no Idea what the Employer you applied to wants or needs.

When Most Employers post a notice, they post looking for the widest possible acceptable responses they can get. Once they see who is available and willing to work, they choose the best people that closest fit their needs from those that responded.

I can also tell you Most Employers now use multiple e-mail addresses to Pre-sort responses (I have several myself, even though I seldom do any Actual Casting). They might need someone with actual medical training to be a nurse and direct replies to 1 e-mail address and in a separate posting direct all 35 year old male's that wear a 40 regular suit to fit a police uniform to reply to a different e-mail address.

When I am extremely busy, people that respond but do not follow directions have simply excluded themselves from the Job - PERIOD.

When I say - Your Headshot & Resume most be properly labeled with your Full name (as the File name) all 300 replies titled "Headshot" & "headshot 4" or "Resume" & "Acting resume" are deleted without being opened.

If you don't want to tell me who's Headshot or Resume it is-- I don't want to spend my time trying to find out. Nor do I want to try to find your Headshot or Resume in a pool of other un-named files stored on my computer.

When I say Put "Nurse" in the subject line and send it to this e-mail address anything without "Nurse" in the subject line is deleted without being opened because when I am in that file - I'm trying to cast "Nurses" and have no time to see what you want. Any e-mail in my other 8 or so e-mail addresses With "Nurses" in the Subject line are also deleted because I'm only looking for Nurses when I'm in the "Nurse" File.

Think about it- If you can't follow the simplest of Directions - Why do you think I would want you on a set where everyone knows I sent you.

Don't get me wrong -- I want ALL OF YOU TO SUCCEED, but when everything you do is on MY REPUTATION, those that show they can follow simple instructions are at the top of the list- those that show they can't - aren't on the list at all. 1 other thing, when I go to look at your headshot and it is a 1mb, 2mb or 5mb photo instead of a properly sized 500kb or less Photo (when I open it - I see the entire photo on my screen not just 1 eye or 1/2 a nose because the file is so large) I just delete it-- If I can't see YOU - Why keep it - I need to see you to cast you???

You all know that I am totally computer illiterate. I Have Multiple Headshots and Different Resumes that I use for different castings so I Created a computer file that I keep properly sized Photos & up to date Resumes in. When I need to reply to someone (I use g-mail it seems to handle the files the best and it is free) I just attach the best Photo and the best resume for what the Employer is looking for.

I have attached up to 2 photos and or 2 resumes (but never more than that) - because each Photo and Resume is sized individually the Employer usually has no issues with this. Because I created the file folder and keep it up to date - I'm always ready to respond-- whenever I need to.

Creating that file was very difficult for me at first.

I Can't Tell you how many fellow Actors, personal friends, and family members came to my house to assist me in creating those files. Each did what I needed at the time and put the photo or Resume they worked on in my file for me.

I have some 40 Photo's of me in Civil war Uniforms (North, South, and Civilian), Police & Fire Uniforms, as a Secret Service Agent with Air Force 1 in the background, in my Tux, Business Suit and a host of other shots that I use along with my standard headshot - to get work. I have 7 different Resumes (as well as My Standard Resume) each highlighting a different aspect of my work that is also sent out when I feel they would help me get a new job.

Over 95% of the Actors that could not upload their headshots to their DragonukConnects profile have been Photo's that are too large for our system. (With Resumes they are not the Required Word Doc's or PDF files but some other form of Documents that will not upload).

The point is getting jobs in this industry takes work. Organize your database and if you do not know how, find someone to help you. Make sure you read and follow all the instructions in the postings you submit yourself for. Obviously in this business, it is impossible to acquire all the jobs you submit for, but your ability to organize your database and follow the employer's directions for submission, will certainly increase your chances of acquiring more jobs.

One last Thought - When I say to e-mail me your Headshot and Resume, I want and need your headshot and Resume. Sending a link to a file or website address is not what I need or asked for. You can send it ALONG WITH what I asked for (I'll look at it if I have time or if I can't decide between you and someone else) but it can never be sent INSTEAD of my request.

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Posted 9:37 PM Oct. 9, 2012

OK, Brian. You've chastised your actors for not complying with simple instructions.

Now how about a lesson for those posting casting notices?

Why don't ALL listings include all the relevant information the actor needs.

Recently I went to an audition for a play sceduled for a January opening only to find out that the director wanted to start regular rehearsals in September! Why wasn't that mentioned? How many actors can commit to four months of rehearsal?

What's worse, some listings do not even include the production run schedule, no less the rehearsal schedule.

Some do not even say in what state the auditions are being held.

Now, I know that many or most of the listings you post are more complete. But in the interest of getting every listing properly formatted how about setting some standards.

I know you can't monitor everything people submit to you but maybe a helpful listing form could be provided to directors and casting directors to remind them of what they should include.

Hope you don't find this too critical. I sincerely appreciate what you do for us.

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Posted 10:10 PM Oct. 9, 2012

When the Potential Employer posts the job themselves they have to fill out a template that requires info and requires it in certain places.

When they e-mail the posting to me - they are More incompletebut it is either post what they send or loose the possibility of 20 theatre jobs or 300 film jobs.

Almost every posting has some kind of contact info - even if it is just a Theatre name to search - The more time they spend answering questions from Actors about Information that belongs in the casting notice - the sooner the Info will start showing up there.

Every Actor has to know they want the job, can afford to do the job and is available to do the job when needed - Every Actor has to ask the questions they do not see the answer to

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Posted 10:23 AM Jun. 29, 2013
Thanks Brian, for this tip. I am just getting started with this and appreciate all your articles. One director has had me in for an audition, based on resume and head shot emailed to her, and I just learned last week that I got the main part in her short film.
I also appreciate Frank's concerns with incomplete information in some posts. Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what they want and when. I guess I am just not as busy as others yet. My computer skills are not great, but I'm working on it! Thanks again for all you do Brian!
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Posted 8:55 PM Jan. 19, 2014
I need a job. Will do all necessary. First timer. Have been on this site for a year. I find it very very helpful. I just haven't seen a gig good for me yet. I know I will find one soon. Thanks Brian
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