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Need information On Acting training Classes (Read)
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Posted 7:30 AM May. 11, 2011

Hey, I am currently looking for any classes that may be open to a person who is new tot he field. I have abit of acting experience from doing extra parts for offline time and also script writing for a television show. I feel however I would like to grow and advance my careers abit further. I currently live in the Maryland region and am willing to travel up to 50 miles if I have to. If any recruiter sees this can you inbox me and let me know any sites on where I can get started to develop my character or acting roles. I'm willing to work on the bottom to work my way up. Also my work schedule kind of plays a part currently the only days I have avalable is Sundays and Monday. Tuesday-Saturday I work 1300-2130 in the afternoon my shift is bound to change after new bids on the 23rd. If anyone have an idea or a link I can go to or some workshops please let me know. I am serious and I need to get my behinds on track to get out there. I hope this will help out. Thank you for your time.

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Posted 10:48 AM May. 11, 2011
Have you tried the actors center? www.actorscenter.org. It costs under $100 for a years membership and they offer a ton of workshops to their members for free.

It's a great place to start and you can get a lot of good training under your belt without paying an arm and a leg.
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Posted 12:07 PM Jun. 30, 2011

Thanks I'll check into that definately appreciate it.

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Posted 8:37 PM Sep. 16, 2011

Excellent source DVD for finding work outside hollywood
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Posted 10:02 PM Apr. 9, 2012


My teenage son linked up with Aaron Jackson, and does workshops and skype classes one on one with him. We liked him so much, we set up a series of workshops, including Free Friday nights, out at the Dulles Sheraton. Just starting out, its good to get an idea from others about the industry. Come and check it out. You do have to register online, but its free, as the Free class fills up quick. He limits the size, to work with everyone. Check out the website, and if interested, come check us out.
Keep the faith. It takes time. My son worked and auditioned for over a year before landing anything. Now we have a manager and teacher, and auditions all over the National Capitol Area. Even had one in PA and one in NJ.

Time and dedications.

The website is PotomacActingGroup.com