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Will there still be a listserv?
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Posted 8:53 AM Nov. 28, 2009

So, I'm really happy for you that you can make a profit from the banners on this site - you certainly deserve it for all the work putting the postings together. But will there just still be a plain text version of the most recent postings? The listserv was very efficient and took far less time to use than this site.



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Posted 9:49 AM Nov. 28, 2009
Hi Jessica, actually Brian wanted the site because, so many people have told him throughout the years that although they are thankful for his letters and listserve on yahoo, it takes so long to go through all the latest postings to find one that is directly related to them.

Some of our union people have complained that they spend 15 minutes or more going through the latest posts and never see a thing for them. This can be a big waste of time for busy people.So we made it easy.

Here are the steps:
1) Sign in and click the jobs and postings in the main menu.
2) Click on "jobs" (or "Classes, announcements, etc) in the category table on the left
3) Click on the plus sign to see the subctegory list
4) Click on the any of the subcategories that pertain directly to you.

Now you no longer need to sift through miles of email posts that may or may not be directed to you. In your case, if you were looking to check the jobs, I would hit the plus (+) sign on "Jobs Center", and then click

-Actors - Film and Video
-Actors- Theatre
-Voiceover Talent
-Talent-Both Union & Non-Union.

All job listings will state at the bottom whether they are paid or not.I hope that helps.

Jay Chapin
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Posted 4:01 PM Nov. 28, 2009
Thanks Jay - I'll give it a shot - maybe once I get used to it I'll get faster!

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Posted 5:37 PM Nov. 28, 2009
We have also posted a video Tutorial at


on the new easy ways to find jobs on the site.