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Listing my Dragonukconnects profile on resume
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Posted 1:00 AM May. 23, 2010


I list my DragonukConnects profile on my acting resume and when I submit online. But at the moment the web address is the site name followed by a forward slash and a number (I guess that's my member number?) Is there anyway to make my name appear in the web address? LIke agencypro.com does? So I could direct casting to www.dragonukconnects.com/my_name ?

Just wondering.

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Posted 10:13 AM May. 24, 2010
Hey Emily. That's a great idea using your Dragonuk profile on your resume and I'll be doing that in the future. And I agree that it would be nice to change the profile link to our names instead of just numbers.
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Posted 12:18 AM May. 30, 2010
Hi Emily and Marc, unfortunately,Brain and I have looked into getting names added to the profile web addresses. When we first started the site, the profile URL's were crazy long. We asked to get the URL shortened and the member's name added to the end. We were told that it could be done, but it would take a complete overhaul of the site and the way it was designed. We were given an easier option of just adding the member number to the URL without the complete overhaul and so we opted for that. Maybe in the future when we decide to upgrade the whole site we will make your request a priority.

Of course I like the system myself as I am member #1, the first one to join. Quite easy to remember. :)