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posting profile picture
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Posted 4:48 PM Nov. 22, 2009


Very disappointed in attempts to post a headshot. Followed jay's tutorial but did not get the same screen that he shows which should say Welcome Graham. My original photo did not take. Help

Graham Caldwell

[User Deleted]
Posted 5:34 PM Nov. 22, 2009
Hi Graham,
Try following this link: http://www.dragonukconnects.com/user_editprofile_photo.php
Select your photo and upload, and it should lead you to crop it. Let us know if there's still any problems.

Admin, DragonukConnects
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Posted 6:37 PM Nov. 22, 2009
Hi Kaela,
Thanks for the help. As you can see, I got it posted.
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Posted 7:43 PM Nov. 22, 2009

Hi, I know how to post, but my picture is huge....how do I compact it so that it will post?

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Posted 8:14 PM Nov. 22, 2009
The easiest way to resize your photos is by using Photobucket.com. Once you've set up an account, upload your picture, return to album and click "edit" above your picture's thumbnail - once the editing page is loaded, select the "Resize" button, set your dimensions, and "apply". Be sure to hit the Save Copy button below. Save the newly resized image to your computer, and it should be good to post!