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Underated Equipment ( Best Kept Secret)
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Posted 1:38 PM Nov. 13, 2009

The SI-2K is the most underappreciated camera in the market right now. It has several reconfigurable parts, is able to be used as the 2K Mini in very tight spaces, and be controlled from a laptop computer. It also allows for any lens to be mounted, from PL and PV to B4 to C Mount and Nikon, Canon and Leica. The workflow is simple and straightforward and it has a touch screen interface featuring a simple-to-follow user interface. It is a data camera, so you capture Raw data with on-set looks as meta-data only, so you can perform non-destructive painting in pre-production or on set without limiting the control of the image in post. It has high sensitivity and dynamic range and is a very reasonably priced package.

The Convergent Design nanoFlash is starting to get a well-deserved buzz in the industry. It allows for very high-quality data recording from HDSDI, SDI or HDMI to off-the-shelf Compact Flash Cards, costs under $3K and fits in the palm of your hand.

Sony EX3 is very popular and sells very well, but not a lot of people understand how powerful this camera can be in terms of image performance and versatility: from Studio to POV to Crash Camera and beyond. It also has various lens mount options, and with a 2/3” ZeissDigiPrime on the front it makes a spectacular image suitable for intercutting with F35 or 35mm film material.

Iconix HD-RH1 is a very high performance palm-sized 3CCD HD camera with a 1920 X 1080 version and a 2K version, both with 4:4:4 RGB color. It has suffered from only being seen as a mildly expensive POV camera. While it is an excellent POV camera, it is very powerful and can be used in many different applications where a small camera is needed. And it creates images that can be used in film and digital projects.