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How to report from DC's red carpet events?
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Posted 5:43 PM Mar. 21, 2013

Does any one have information how to find out in advance of red carpets around the DC area?

I am an entertainment reporter and would like to do more red carpet and celebrity event interviews or ideally partner with a media outlet.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 9:57 PM Mar. 23, 2013
WIFV DC has a place that sends them FREE local movie Premier Tickets to give out to the members

They name the company - A contact there would be helpfull

I post the castings for Hollywood and Local projects. Contacting people at that level for " In production" interviews "Getting On the list" at that point would get you the Premier Info
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Posted 10:20 PM Mar. 23, 2013
Brian thank you.
I will reach out to hem at the upcoming job fair. That is a great way to find a way into the loop and get on-camera work.