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How long do I wait before asking to see pictures?
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Posted 10:09 PM Oct. 20, 2012

Some of my kids (one of which is Jared. :) ) had their first modeling job this past Tuesday, for a chain of family entertainment venues (think Chuck E Cheese, with a bowling alley and a bar attached. They were hired, the shoot went great, and they got paid at the end of the shoot. They had a fantastic time and can't wait to do it again.

How long should I wait before it is okay to ask when we will get to see the pictures? The photographer (who hired us) said that he would give us photos for their portfolios, etc, so I know they will be coming at some point. Is it ever appropriate to ask him and if it is, how do I ask without seeming high-maintenance or pushy?

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Posted 12:10 AM Oct. 21, 2012
The Best case is The Photographer brought it up when he told you that they would receive copies of the photos - asking at that point would have been perfect. He gave you a 2nd opertunity when he paid the kids

In each case " Do you have a rough idea of when we might receive the photos?? would have been perfect

I would give him 2 weeks or so - If you haven't received copies by then - call once - lead off with how much the kids enjoyed the shoot and are really looking forward to seeing the photos - " Do you have a rough idea of when we might see them??

The best way to not seem high-maintenance or pushy is to be conversational and work questions in when the other person brings the subject up

Since they brought up the subject of photos as part of the pay - Right them would be the time to get answers on all pay questions

Since they gave you partial payment on site - asking when you might get the rest (photo's) would be the 2nd best time
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Posted 9:54 AM Oct. 21, 2012
Thank you!