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The call - You recieved a call from a casting company for a small speaking role at 7:30 PM for the next day and maybe the following day. You tell them you could take off class but might not be able for the second day. You tell them you could be on the set after 1 PM on the second day. The pay was $150. You arrive to the set as requested. No one really talks to you or give you details on what you will be doing. 6 hours go by and they come to you and say, "your scene is ready". You put your shirt and tie on and make your way to the shooting set. You get there and they tell you time is just about run out and will need to pick up the following day. You tell them you have class from 8 Am to 10 Am and could be ready at 1 PM. They agree and say see you then. 20 minutes latre, you get call from the casting company asking if you could be on set at 10 Am. You can only be ready at 1 and tell them things were worked out as for the time. You are told they will recast. Questions- 1. Do you still get paid for that day? 2. Do you continue using that company? 3. Do you suck it up and take the lost and continue with the company?