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Taped Auditions Studio?
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Posted 10:26 PM Mar. 20, 2016

Hi - Can anyone recommend a studio/videographer in the DMV that will tape auditions for submission? Up until this point we have been just using iPhone and posting to YouTube, but I don't think this is appropriate for a large audition which will compete with NYC submissions. Thanks so much!

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Posted 2:54 PM Mar. 26, 2016
Bumping with the hope that someone will reply! Thanks!
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Posted 10:15 PM Mar. 26, 2016

Hi Aurora,

We at Dragonuk do video demo reels and recorded auditions. Now on the one hand we do more demo reels than recorded auditions, due to the cost. For example, here is one I did for Brian Dragonuk. We recorded in front of a green screen and I added the background and the photo of Obama.

If you would like to see all the details regarding audition reels and demo reels, here is the Dragonuk Link:

If you have further questions, email: