Advertising on DragonukConnects

Please note:  All ads on Dragonuk Connects must be industry related to the entertainment business.  


"Thanks again for your help in promoting my DC seminar, it was a huge success!  I will be using your services again when I return to DC."    
Jenn Lederer - NYC Talent Mgr.



Contact us at if you’re interested in getting maximum exposure and are willing to offer our upgraded members a minimum of 20% off your published prices.





We will no longer be offering ‘blast’ promotions for individual advertisers.


Our ‘Bulletin’ emails will be sent out weekly promoting all sponsors and a 2nd bulletin at our discretion exclusive for the best member-only deals and affiliates.


We are actively analyzing and will continue to optimize the advertising experience on the site. 



1) Advertising Bundle - $75 for 1 week


SPONSORED at the Top of the Newsletter


The original email newsletter started going out in 1999.

Today, *5 days per week (plus Sunday if there are enough new jobs), DragonukConnects updates the jobs 'newsletter' on our site and alerts subscribed members by email.

As a sponsor your picture, linked title and short description goes at the top before the first job post.


*If we skip a weekday newsletter due to a slow-day or holiday, you're week of advertising will be extended by 1 day. We will alert you when this happens.


FEATURED in our Weekly Bulletin


Our members receive a weekly email featuring each week’s sponsors.


Your picture and blurb will be larger and more detailed than the sponsored spot in the newsletter, however the largest ad spot will be determined at our discretion based on calculations of relevant activity on the site.


To increase your chances of being the top feature in our bulletin email, we put a priority on exclusive savings for our upgraded members (a minimum of 10% off your regular pricing).


If you are willing to provide the best discounts to our upgraded members contact us about an affiliation.


+ for a limited time: get ‘TOP BANNER’ exposure at no additional charge (see below for more details of Banner Ads)



2) Banner Ads: Bottom of Page - $37.50 for 1 week


Our Bottom Banners consistently receive more clicks per view than Top Banners.


Our Ads are placed in the following zones on the site. 

  • Top of Page – Horizontal (720 x 120) - comes with Advertiser Bundle
  • Right Side – Vertical (120 x 600) - exclusive for Affiliate partners
  • Bottom of Page – Horizontal (720 x 120)


- Your ad will be randomly mixed with up to 10 other ads (max) and show up on every page of the site. 

- We currently do not charge per click or view and therefore do not guarantee how many times your ad will show up per week. 

- On average, your ad should show up from around 1000 to 2000 times per day and even more during the spring and fall, depending on how many other ads are being shown at the time. 

- The highest traffic on the site is after the members are emailed regarding the updated daily newsletter.

- All ad banners are automatically cycled for each person viewing the site.

This means you may not see your banner even if you frequently refresh because hundreds of other viewers are simultaneously cycling through banners.

3) Posting Products or Services in "Job Posts+" - $15 for 1 week

Although posting jobs on the Dragonuk site is free, 
if you have a Product or Service to sell or promote and you would like to have it posted in our "Job Posts+" section:

  • Cost: $15 per post, expires after 7 days





You’ll Email us with:


  1. Several choices of Photos or Graphics (you may need to send them as attachments)
  2. Suggestions for your preferred title to be posted underneath your photo  
  3. Include a web link to direct clicks to your site
  4. We'll create a posting for you in the jobs/classes/events section.


The more choices you give us the better.  We will change how the daily sponsor section looks as frequently as possible so don’t hold back and send us whatever you can.


For the weekly bulletin email, we take into account that every email provider will look slightly different.


Submission of Ads:

We will design and customize ads to match our site.

If you have a design or multiple styles you have already created, please send us your ads/banners in the following format(s):

  • .jpg / .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png


Going Live:

Your week of advertising is scheduled depending on availability.  

All banner ads begin at 12 o'clock midnight. 



If you haven't advertised with us before, please contact us with information about your product or service.

We'll send you a version of this page with a link to our secure checkout.


If you have any other questions at all, feel free to contact us: