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WHY Choose Wendy to coach your young child, grade school child or teen?

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Let me introduce you to Wendy Susan Hammer. Wendy is an acting coach and an actor, and although she coaches actors of all ages, her specialty is working with children and teens.

I'm going to let Wendy tell you about herself and how she can help you...




Acting Coach, Wendy Susan Hammer

I began my career on Long Island appearing for 18 years in Plays and Musicals after studying Acting in High School and then College, as well as going to Classes in NYC.

I am presently an On Camera Actor having appeared in over 30 Independent and Short Films. I've had roles in The Lifetime/Netflix Series YOU and Netflix Series NARCOS.

I had a Supporting role in Pop Singer Elle King's Good Girls Music Video from The Female Ghostbusters Film. I recently appeared on IFC Movie Channel Network in a series of comedic clips entitled "MAGIC MICHAEL". I have done about 10 versatile Voice Over roles, as well as many Web Commercials.

Coaching for your Young Child, Grade School Child or Teen Actors

Children ages 4-7 
One of my specialties is coaching young children, ages 4-7. I am fun, energetic, animated and silly, and really can relate with the very young child actor. I am very supportive and nurturing.

I work with them with expressions on their face to connect with the emotions that they feel, to make it very real and believable. They are not just saying their lines. They are understanding on their level, what a character is, and who they talk to and why, and all that they need to do to be authentic in their acting.

I work on Commercial Copy, simple but very realistic Monologues as well as Improvisation...

Children Ages 8-12 
I also work with Children 8-12, and have a wonderful connection with them. I understand what they need to do, to develop characters, and understand their character. I use a simple technique so their work is presented organically, which is the most real and natural. Which for On Camera work, that is what CD's are looking for!

I work on with them on Commercial Copy, Monologues and introduce scenes too, as well as improvisation.

I love working with Teenagers too! Because I work with them on Monologues that they can relate to, that are real life situations! In addition, I help them prepare for auditions.

I will work with them on their confidence, and help them to present themselves in the most positive ways.

So whether I am working with children, teens, or adults, working with me will prepare all of my students for their auditions, and more importantly, for their ACTING ROLES/BOOKINGS!

A Weekly session is ideal to improve their Acting Skills!

In addition to their acting skills, they will also learn how to behave professionally at auditions! As soon as they walk into the room, the casting directors and producers will see that they are professionals!

They will also learn Slating, and interview skills for agents, and managers as well!

I also specialize in transitioning theater actors to working in TV, Film and Commercials. If you just want to study Theater Acting, I can work with you also, as I first trained as a Theater Actor.

And it doesn't matter where you live, because my Coaching sessions are done via SKYPE, anywhere in the world!

(In person sessions are available in Philly, New Jersey, and NYC)


Here's what Parents and Kids are saying about Wendy and her Coaching:

"We live in the country, and have had trouble finding a coach who is willing to work with kids and who is within a reasonable driving distance. Wendy really connects with my kids, and is able to explain different concepts at their level, all through Skype. She has been working with them on monologue skills, character development, improv, and audition skills. I saw an immediate difference in how they approached their next audition!" 
-- L. Titus

"I am still working with Wendy and she is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoy working with her. She makes the classes fun and exciting to keep you really interested and always wanting to learn more. We do a variety of different things each class so it keeps it interesting. She is even helping me get started in the acting business by finding auditions and different roles in plays to make sure I start on the right track with the right people so I am so thankful for her and everything she has done and I would highly recommend her." 
-- Jeaic M.

"I had a blast working on my acting skills with Wendy. I learned so much, improved immensely and got a better understanding of how the industry works. I worked with Wendy 8th grade throughout my sophomore year of high school until I moved away. I wish I could have kept going and would recommend her to anyone!! 
-- Anna G.

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Wendy Susan Hammer, who was my son’s acting coach for over five years. We have had the opportunity to work with Wendy in both the classroom setting as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. In the classroom, Wendy was well prepared and made certain all students were engaged in the three hour sessions. One-on-One, Wendy is able to tailor her lessons to meet the need of each specific child. Wendy is a compassionate person who encourages her students to reach their potential. 
Speaking from my professional as well as personal experiences, I believe Wendy is a dedicated, responsible, and compassionate individual who is a pleasure to work with." 
-- Lisa C.


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