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"The Art of the Screenplay" Class

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If you watched the video above, wouldn’t it be great to take a screenwriting class from a Yale University Professor???

Whose former students have written and produced highly successful and/or critically-acclaimed scripts for films such as:
Ocean’s 8, La La Land, (500) Days of Summer, The Disaster Artist, Our Souls At Night, The Hangover, 30 Minutes Or Less, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, The Break Up, The Spectacular Now, Anamorph, Expendables 3, The Wedding Ringer, The Fault in Our Stars, The Sisterhood of Night, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Bride Wars, Paper Towns, The Autopsy of Jane Doe and many others.

Marc’s students have also scripted award-winning teleplays for TV: Family Guy, Law and Order- SVU, Scrubs, The Agency, Hannibal, Believe, The Last Resort, Benched, Channel Zero, The Act, Best. Worst. Weekend Ever., and other shows.

This Full-Day Class will look at the screenplay as both a literary text and blue-print for production. Several classic screenplay texts and film clips will be critically analyzed (i.e. Rebel Without a Cause, Chinatown, Psycho, etc.)

He will intensively focus on:
-Three-dimensional character development
-Professional screenplay format
-Creating “believable” cinematic dialogue
-Plot development and narrative structure
-Dramatic foreshadowing
-The element of surprise
-Text and subtext
-And visual story-telling vs. aural story-telling
-Getting your screenplay up to Hollywood Standards
-Marketing your Script(s)

And Here’s what some of Marc’s students have said about him…

“The lecturer was amazing as always my dad and I always go to his classes and will continue as long as he does them. I cannot speak highly enough of him and the quality performances he gives, and the way he makes you appreciate movies differently.”

“We were both extremely pleased with the presentation. It was informative, and exciting and Professor Lapadula has a great stage presence and stage energy. Please let us know if he offers another opportunity. Thanks.”

“I wish I could take a full course with Professor Lapadula (or go to the movies with him). The program far exceeded our expectations.”

Class Details:
So, like I told you, Professor Marc Lapadula is heading to the DC area this Saturday!
And he’s NOT giving his typical two hour lecture. But he will be giving a
Full day, 6 hour class!

He will be covering:
– Writing a Professional Feature Length Script!
– Completing a Professional Feature Length Script!
– Marketing a Professional Feature Length Script!

Where and When:
This Class will be held in Rockville, MD
At the Universities at Shady Grove
(Part of the University of Maryland)
On Saturday, February 16th,
From 9 am to 4:30 pm.


6 hours with Marc would usually run between $400 to $600

But you’ll be investing Only $249 for this full day class!

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May your Stories find its way into the minds of millions!