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Real Actor Testimonials
for Stephen Mitchell's Coaching

"Before I started my sessions with Stephen Mitchell, I felt like I was just another actor among the masses. Stephen Mitchell made the effort to know who I was, in order to enhance who I am! His specialized classes go beyond techniques & mechanics. It is truly a platform of self discovery, awareness, and truth as an actor." 
-Pry'ce Jaymes

"I will attest to this--If you're really trying to become a working actor, then I suggest taking Stephen's classes. Learn how Action/ReAction works. Learn how to create characters. Learn how to work within yourself." 
-Shane Lewis - Star of Naked and Afraid

"Stephen Mitchel is a fantastic teacher, coach, and mentor. He has opened my mind to newer and alternative ways to approach not only acting and performing, but life. I strongly advise beginning and experienced actors, performers, and entertainers to seek his guidance." 
-DC Pettis

"Coaching sessions with Stephen Mitchell has been great. I tried some of his Action/Reaction techniques in a live community production I performed in. The feedback from the audience was great! I look forward to our sessions every week." 
-Gale McClelland

"I very much appreciate Stephen's guidance and coaching! I've learnt so much from him over the past few weeks, and I'm enjoying myself doing so! Definitely looking forward to the future sessions!" 
-Kbaby Nate

"I am so inspired after my second class with Stephen Mitchell. Action/Reaction is an amazing technique. It is completely different than anything I took before, and Stephen is such an amazing teacher. He is so dedicated, patient and specific. Everything you ever wanted from a teacher. Definitely taking this course was the best decision!" 
-Belen Oyola-Rebaza

"All I can say is that after my 3rd lesson with Stephen Mitchell, I am blown away at how different it is, and how ridiculously fun, and entertaining it is, too. 
I confess, when beginning to work on interstitial emotions, I felt like a madman, and that my monologue made no sense, but the more we worked at it, the more I fell in love with it. This is a great class. I can't watch movies the same, anymore." 
-Jeremy Alan

"Stephen Mitchell is a wonderful coach and all his Action/Reaction sessions leave me feeling empowered like I could just take on this journey and not have/feel any inhibitions whatsoever. He genuinely cares and wants to see people succeed. If you're looking to further your acting career and become a true success, definitely take his course." 
-Uche Ihenachor

"Can I just say, I love working with Stephen! He is so creative and supportive. Right after I started working with him, I applied what he taught me about interstitials and phrasing. I noticed a significant increase in bookings and an improvement in my overall technique. We are working on a one-woman show right now, and his ideas are really exciting. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!" 
-Heather Callahan-Stevens

"You know what I love about Stephen and his classes?? It's so important to me in every facet of life to separate truth from error. To not go with the crowd, as the crowd is just about always wrong. Stephen separates the truth from the typical industry and Hollywood type B.S. And that truth...will get you jobs!!" 
-Jay Chapin; Actor, Writer, and Admin for DragonukConnects