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Advertising on DragonukConnects.com*
*Please note:  All ads on Dragonuk Connects must be industry related to the entertainment business. All ads including blasts and banners must be approved before they are posted or blasted out.  DragonukConnects will not post or blast any ads containing nudity or vulgarity or references to either.  We are a "G-Rated" site with many of our members being minors. 

"Thanks again for your help in promoting my DC seminar, it was a huge success!  Most of the actors who signed up came through your email blast, so it was definitely worth the investment.  I will be using your services again when I return to DC." 


Jenn Lederer - NYC Talent Mgr.

Group Emails (Email Blast):
We can send a group email out to all  members of DragonukConnects.
The email will come from Brian or DragonukConnects and must be related to the entertainment industry.
1) You email us what you want blasted out. We simply copy and paste the contents and photos onto one of Brian's "Special Bulletins" (CLICK HERE to see a Sample of what our "Bulletin Blasts" look like, if you are not familiar).  If there are photos in your copy, you may need to send them as email attachments as well.  Don't forget that your subject line of your email blast is extremely important! Make sure that it is compelling to get the recipients to open it!

2) If requested we can send you back a sample and/or ask for any info you may have missed. Sometimes the setup and format may not be perfect from your doc to our emailer. There may be slight changes in font or setup, but we do our best to duplicate just what you gave us. 
(Note: All emailers and email providers have slightly different web script.  For example, our daily newsletters, although similar, look slightly different on AOL than it does on Gmail).

3) You let us know when you want your blast to go out. We can only do two blasts per day (one in the early morning and one in the late afternoon / early evening) so schedule ahead of time to reserve your place (2 weeks ahead is best).

"Morning" means that your blast goes out around 9:30 am*
"Afternoon" means that your blast will go out around 5:30 pm*

*Note: If you would like a different time for your morning or afternoon blast to be sent, please let us know. But we have found that these are optimal times for our members to receive info from us, as most have other jobs, and we want them to be sitting down to read our promotional blasts, NOT on the run.

Dragonuk Membership




Top of the Newsletter


Each Evening, DragonukConnects puts out a newsletter to all of our subscribed members. The newsletter is the reason that the majority of our members sign up, and has been going out since 1999. And the reason it is so important, is due to all the job postings, classes and announcements that we unveil each day.

So wouldn't it be great to get your ad right at the top of the job section? For just $25 to $35, we will put out your "Teaser", Banner or other small ad with a link, right at the top of all the job postings.

See the sample to the right
of an ad at "The Top of the Newsletter".

**Please understand that the "Top of the Newsletter" ad is not a full advertisement. Rather it is a smaller teaser ad, with the goal of getting our members to click on it for full information (see the example photo above).

Dragonuk Member Status


Banner Ads:
Ads can be placed in the following zones on the site. 
  • Top of Page – Horizontal (720max x 120max)
  • Right Side – Vertical (120max x 600max)
  • Page Bottom – Horizontal (720max x 120max)
Banner Ad Plan
Your ad will be randomly mixed with up to 10 other ads (max) and show up on every page of the site. We cannot promise how many times your ad will show up as this depends on how many visitors come on the site, how long they stay, how many other ads are running with yours and how many pages they click on while on the site. On the average, your ad should show up around from 1000 to 2000 times per day and even more during the spring and fall, depending on how many other ads are being shown at the time (up to 10 total including yours). The highest traffic on the site is after the newsletters go out.

Top of Page – Horizontal (720max x 120max)

Paid DragonukConnects Members -
$10 per day, $50 per week, $150 per month

Basic (FREE) DragonukConnects members -
$15 per day, $60 per week, $170 per month

Not a  DragonukConnects Member -
$17.50 per day, $70 per week, $190 per month
Right Side – Vertical (120max x 600max)

Paid DragonukConnects Members -
$10 per day, $50 per week, $150 per  Month

Basic (FREE) DragonukConnects members -
$15 per day, $60 per week, $170 per month

Not a  DragonukConnects Members -
$17.50 per day, $70 per week, $190 per month
Page Bottom* – Horizontal (720max x 120max)

Paid DragonukConnects Members -
$7.50 per day, $37.50 per week, $112.50 per month

Basic (FREE) DragonukConnects members -
$8.50 per day, $42.50 per week, $135 per month

Not a DragonukConnects Member -
$10 per day, $50 per week, $150 per month

*Although there are certain pages that are long and someone would need to scroll down to see your ad in this category, the majority of pages including the Jobs and posting pages (most popular) are short enough that your ad will be seen at least 75% of the time or more. On the jobs and postings pages, one must scroll to the bottom to read the contact info and therefore see your ad.
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Submission of Ads:

Please send banner ads to jay at dragonukconnects.com in the following format(s):
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • HTML
  • Sorry but we do not take "java-script"

If sending in the HTML format, your code should include the ability for your link to open in a new window (target="_blank")

If sending in other than the HTML format, please include a web link as to where you want your visitors to go when clicking on your ad.

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If you would like statistics regarding your specific ads, please write to support@dragonukconnects.com 

Statistics that can be provided are:

  • How many times your ad showed up
  • How many clicks your ad received


Buy Banner Advertising Time Now:

To pay with credit card or PayPal, click one of the "Buy Now" links below that pertains to the plan you would like to purchase.  Once purchased, send us your banner to support@dragonukconnects.com with any related info.  Your ad will begin depending on availability.  All ads begin at 12 o'clock midnight. 

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Affiliate Programs:

Do you have a product that has an Affiliate Program attached to it? One that can offer DragonukConnects a partnership with you? We would love to hear about it! Click the contact button at the bottom of the page and let us know the details and we will get back to you. Please be aware that all products sold and advertised by DragonukConnects, should have to do with the entertainment industry, and have some interest for our members.



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