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First Name:
Brian L
Middle Name or Initial:
Last Name:
Company Name:
Dragonuk Connects - Productions
Production Specific(s):
Production Company, Production/Crew - Film and Video, Production/Crew - TV, Production/Crew - Theatre
Production Skills:
Writer, Producer, Casting Director, Casting PA (Wrangler)
My Location:
Randallstown, Md
I can take jobs in:
District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia - Northern, Delaware, The Carolinas, Pennsylvania - Eastern/Central, West Virginia, New Jersey (Northern/NYC Area), New Jersey (Southern/Central)
About Me:
Brian has Produced 12 Cable Talk shows for the local market and is branching out to produce Independent films.

He has Several Movie Script in Development As Well as a 1st Book in the making.

Brian feels that Since Scriptwriters, Producers, Casting Directors & Actors each look at the same work from different angles (because their Jobs are Totally Different) his Experience on all 4 sides of the box allows him a Unique perspective to not only see the 4 sides but outside the box as well.

Brian also Owns an Industry Resource & Casting site for the Mid-Atlantic States (Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC & Virginia). It Provides Free Newsletters with Auditions, Jobs, Training Opportunities, Networking Events, A Trading Post and On-Stage listings, Close to 4,000 Contacts for Resources and a Forum Section FREE of charge to those that want it – As well as an OPTIONAL Paid (small Annual fee) Casting Profile for those that want it – To Assist Casting in Finding and Hiring

For their Projects. is also a Major source of jobs for Freelance Crew Members in the Mid-Atlantic States
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