Posted: Aug. 26, 2012
Category: Job Postings

 For about two years I have paid Castingnetworks in New York to list my resume and photos with them, and receive an average of 25 of their projectnotice emails a day with casting calls from Grant Wilfley and others for films and TV shows. Of those 25 a day I probably respond to about 10 that appear to fit my profile and photo. While I understand that there are thousands of other people out there (especially in NYC and environs) submitting as well, I have had NO responses to date, and I am getting more and more skeptical about Castingnetworks. I'd love to hear from others who have used this service. Have you had any luck? Does the fact that I'm in DC and a SAG-AFTRA member automatically keep me out of the running? Any secret to getting through to casting agencies, aside from responding directly to their Web page postings?