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Acting, Robert Morris college, 2 semesters, and member of Theater group.
Scenes/Emotions with Herman Kemper
Acting/Audition, non verbal action with Barry Feinstein
Screen Writers Technique by Paul Seculicks
On camera acting with Robert Christie
Teleprompter at Betsy Royal casting with David Deboy
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Corporate Insecurity
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This was a temporary band that I put together to publish songs about the corporate workplace. I published and produced a comedic song about safety on the job called "Think Twice" Some others are still works in process. There were 5 of us and we each had verses and the chorus to sing.
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I am a Christian women, married,who is hearing impaired. I wear aides but I am completely verbal and do extremely well with communications. However the phone is hard for me. I have a large but athletic build. I do not look my weight. I walk/jog 5 miles a day, walk dogs, eat right, don't smoke, or drink, and work out with weights. I'm 100% healthy and knowlegable in all aspects of fitness. I taught fitness classe for 18 years. I enjoy Kayaking, horseback riding vollyball, tennis, and the great outdoors. I love riding my motorcycle. I drive a Cherokee jeep, have a commercial drivers liscense, which allows me to drive large vehicles such as school busses, trucks. I'm a women of Patriotism and love my country so I involve myself in politics. I help elderly individuals who need transportation to appointments or shopping trips. I walk their dogs and help them with other miscellaneous things that they need help with. I am involved with animal protection and work along side the humane society. I have a pit bull and a great dane/mastiff mix dogs of my own. I am actively involved in my Church and am extremely knowlegeable of the Scriptures. I have been involved in Theater since 1974 and began working in film in 2004. I've been in fitness videos on Cable TV, I've done a feature on Evening magazine as a fitness instructor, I have been a choeographer for theatrical productions. I am reliable, prompt and work hard to succeed. I never disappoint.