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Big Dog Video Productions is a full service film and video production company. We offer professional video, digital cinematography, film projects. We can provide gaffer, lighting, film editing and anything else needed to facilitate your film projects. Our varied projects include short and feature films, music videos, promotional videos, television shows, multi-cam broadcasts and commercials,. We provide pre to post production, film crews, equipment rentals and more.
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Special Skills
My Equipment:
Red Mysterium-X camera

Red Pro EVF with Cavision EVF mount

Red One PL lens mount

Red One Nikon ProLock lens mount

3) 64GB SSD 1.8” Redmags

Red mini-station 1.8” usb 3.0

Red bottom plate with shoulder dovetail

Rails and mattebox

Redrock follow focus

7” portable HD monitor with batteries and charger

3) Anton Bauer batteries with chargers - 1 160wh and 2 140wh

Canon C-100 WITH 4:2:2 10 BIT 220 mbs Atomas shogun

2) Sony EX1R XDCAM cameras with 4 batteries and 2 chargers

Back MagicURSA camera


Nikon mount: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, Nikon 50mm f/1.4, Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 sigma 55-100mm f1.8

Filters: Tiffen Black Pro Mist, Tiffen Variable ND, Tiffen Polarizer, Sky

Camera support:

Sachtler panorama tripod

Davis&Sanford tripod

Gitzo/Vinten tripod

Matthews hi-hat

13ft custom cobra crane jib

Diamond dolly with doorway and track wheels and 16ft of heavy duty steel track

Tripod dolly with lightweight aluminum 16ft track

Studio tripod dolly

Slider with 5ft track

steadicam with vest, sled and arm support

Movi 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Lighting and grip equipment:

3) LTM HMI flood spot 1200W

2) Desisti HMI soft 1200W with egg crate

1) LTM HMI flood spot fresnel 575W

1) LTM Cine Par 2500W (needs repair)

2) LTM HMI 4000W (need repair)

4) Mole Richardson 1k broad lights

5) Mole Richardson soft lights 1k

12) LTM Pepper Fresnels 150W (2), 300W (2), 650W (8)

4) Kino Flo Diva 400

2) LED panels with dimmers

Various other lights including open face lights 1k-650W

10) c-stands, some with gobos & arms

2 ) Mathews Combo Mombo stands

2) Mole Richardson Junior stands

8 x 8 butterfly frame with 8 x 8 china silk

12X12 frame with bounce and silks

2) 4x4 floppies

2) 4x4 gel frames12) sandbags

gels, diffusers, bounces, flags, black wrap, apple boxes


Sound Devices 442 Mixer

Sennheiser MKH-416 Short Shotgun Mic with boom pole and shock mount

3) Lectrosonics SM UHF Transmitters

2)Lectrosonics SR5P Dual Channel UHF Receiver

2) Tram TR50 – Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphones

Edirol R-44 Four channel recorder w/ Porta Brace

Tascam DR680 8-track digital audio recorder

Lectrosonics 195 Series UHF wireless lavalier system

Sony wireless lavaliere system


John McClung