Loretto Gubernatis
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Production Company, Production/Crew - Film and Video, Production/Crew - TV, Independent Filmmaker
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Scriptwriter, Producer, Director, Editor, Videographer, I write Music and write lyrics
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Lothian, MD
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District of Columbia, Maryland
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15 Telly Awards (4 silver and 11 bronze)
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I am a screenplay writer with 35 screenplays under my belt. I have written 18 books, many include screenplays. They are available on Xlibris.com or Amazon.com, just google my name "Loretto Gubernatis" and the titles will pop up. I am also a local cable access producer, director and editor of over 3000 half hour episodes titled The Children's Corner, The Top of the Morning Show, The Senior Scene and Spotlight on the Great Blacks In Wax.

I write Music, I write lyrics

Mcdonagh-Davis has won 15 Telly Awards (4 silver and 11 bronze)