Cut back coach app

I was hired to do a home remote ad for tick tock, Facebook, and other social media platforms wher... (more)

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Audition :Problems getting breakfast
This audition shows what happens when people go to a fast food place and...
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Exorcist preist audition

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Mr. iPhone monologue
In this monologue I'm portraying a person's actual iPhone. At ...
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Preacher Audition
This is another audition for a movie project shooting in New York City a...
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argument with baby mom: audition for law enforceme
Update,Yay l got the job ,This was an audition for a law enforcement tra...
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Updated Demo reel 2023
A composite of commercials Movies and short films done by Jay Chaplin fr...
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Finance Genie 3000 commercial
Having an intelligent conversation with a human being instead of a machine.
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Rocket Man on keyboard
I kept hearing the song on my car radio and decided to learn it by ear t...
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December 6, 2021
This audition was put at the top of the list for the client to review fo...
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Cut back coach app
I was hired to do a home remote ad for tick tock, Facebook, and other so...
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This movie is now officially available for viewing on Amazon Prime. I pl...
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Walmart Commercial/non speaking principal
This Walmart commercial is called the Basa Nova project. It showcases th...
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Tru Medic Massage devices/Oprah Winfrey project
I dedicate this project to Brian l Dragonuk,Oprah Winfrey productions hi...
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TERRORTORY 2 movie trailer/special clip
This is one of the official movie trailer of Terrortory 2 full length mo...
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Tyron Martin Actor Demo Reel 2019

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The Snitch/short movie
Tyron Martin homeless role.
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2 Late Movie Clip with Tyron Martin (rated R)
Principal role,I'm playing the part of an evil preacher in Bronx Ne...
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