2017 Headshots
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Original play: "Piper&...
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Based on the age-old story of the Pied Piper of Hamlinm "Piper" is set in 1930"s dust bowl of America where poverty was high and spirits were low. I play the central character, "Clara", intentionally deafened at a young age by her grandfather to protect her from the call of the Piper. Yet, Clara and Piper share a bond that forces them to journey together, each trying to make sense of their different worlds.
2014 Headshots & Modeling
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Red Carpet Premier
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Caveat movie Premier
Stills from Best Buy Video ...
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Production Pictures for New...
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Shot on location in beautiful Lancaster county, PA.
Back to School Fashions
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On-set Pictures
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Pictures from some films I've worked on
2018/ photos
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