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DragonukConnects.com is a Professional Networking Community and Jobs Site Covering the Entertainment Industry in the Mid-Atlantic States USA.


The Mid-Atlantic States are Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and the surrounding outskirts.


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Cassie Cope has finished­ her run in ­Grey Gardens­ at LTA and ­is off to Ne­w York for B­roadway Arti­sts Alliance
Chaz Man is working o­n Hostages t­oday
Jani Bedrick isworking on­ a promotion­ for animal ­rights/anima­l welfare.
Isabella Vida is so happy ­to see what ­2016 will ho­ld!!
Amanda Corbett is excited t­o announce h­er latest pr­oject!
Cheryl Rhoads presents her­ brother, Ma­rk Rhoads te­aching Publi­c Speaking f­or Presentat­ions!
Faith B Terrell Uploaded New­ photo album­ & demo ­reel
John Pallotta is casting a­ new pilot i­n DC/VA
Sophia Smithson will be head­ing to NY fo­r acting cla­sses with Di­ane Hardin
Malcolm Simmons Joined I.T.S­. Management­'s tale­nt roster

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Female Models: Frank Sinatra Book Unboxing Posting From Acculturated/Judge Films Location Washington, D.C.
Philadelphia Asian American Film & Filmmakers 2016 Call for Entries Posting From Philadelphia Asian American Film & Filmmakers, Location Philadelphia PA
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company/ Guards at the Taj, The Nether, Octoroon Posting From Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Location Washington DC
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey/ A Song at Twilight, Coriolanus, Exit the King, Red Velvet Posting From The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Location Florham Park, NJ
Prime Stage Studio / Dialect Workshop February 28, 2016 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Posting From Prime Stage Studio Location Pittsburgh, PA
Prime Stage Studio - A Lesson Before Dying REGIONAL PREMIER Posting From Prime Stage Studio Location Pittsburgh, PA
Rainbow's Comedy Playhouse / Nana's Naughty Knickers, Posting From Rainbow's Comedy Playhouse Location Paradise, PA
Silver Spring Stage announces auditions for Miss Witherspoon Posting From Silver Spring Stage announces auditions for Miss Witherspoon Location Silver Spring MD
Demo Reel, Audition and General Video Service Posting From Future Generation Studios Location DMV Area
Mount Vernon Community Children's Theatre/Workshops-Acting for Film,Awesome Auditions, Improv Comedy Posting From Mount Vernon Community Children's Theatre Location Alexandria, VA
Single Carrot Theatre/ Heart Attack: a Valentine's Cabaret, Something Like Jazz Music, Posting From Single Carrot Theatre Location Baltimore MD
Colonial Playhouse will hold auditions for Colonial Quickies-the 16th Annual Summer Short Play Festi Posting From Colonial Playhouse will hold auditions for Colonial Quickies Location Aldan, PA
Act II Playhouse 2016-17 SEASON/ Electile Dysfunction, Mauritius, This Wonferful Life, I will not go Posting From Act II Playhouse 2016-17 SEASON Location Ambler PA
Maryland Ensemble Theatre/ Stupid F**king Bird, James and the Giant Peach Posting From Maryland Ensemble Theatre Location Frederick, MD
Enchantment Theatre Company - The Beast in the Bayou Posting From Enchantment Theatre Company Location Philadelphia PA AREA
Dutch Country Players / The Tin Woman Posting From Dutch Country Players Location Telford, PA,
Everyman Theatre / Under the Skin, Death of a Salesman, A Streetcar Named Desire Posting From Everyman Theatre Location Baltimore MD
Virginia Rep / Saturday, Sunday, Monday - I Have a Dream-Open House- Story Drama Four Posting From Virginia Rep Location RICHMOND VA
ID Lead Female 102 Posting From Sirens Media Location DMV
Storybook Musical Theatre is looking for two Tech overhires Posting From Storybook Musical Theatre is looking for two Tech overhires Location Melrose Park PA