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John is the first­ teacher inv­ited to teac­h acting in ­Cuba in almo­st 60 years.
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Master Acting Teacher
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646 619 7777
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New York City
Washington DC

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Washington Union Station
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John Pallotta is a well-respected acting coach offering acting classes and workshops at John Pallotta Studio as well as private, on-set and online coaching.

Our actors are given opportunities they won’t find in any other acting class, including intensive camera work and on-set, on-location study, where students get a chance to explore all facets of film work, from sound engineering, location scouting and directing to working with each other on camera on a professional set. You put all this together and the result, we’ve found, is students coming out of our studio more prepared for not just the business, but life in general.

Visit John at www.dcacting.com
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