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When you watch a great compelling movie, do you ever wonder how the characters came to life?

-Was it just the actor that pulled off an award winning performance? 
-Or perhaps it was the screenwriter that created the character... 
-Or was it the director that told the actor just what he wanted and needed.

Well the truth is, it's a combination of all these elements!

The truth is... 
When you take the time to delve into character creation and analyze what was done to create those characters in classic and award-winning films, it will change the way you act, direct and write, in the films that you take on!

Whether you're an Actor, a Screenwriter, Filmmaker or a Director, this class will help you to develop, enhance, and tell you what it takes to bring your characters to life on screen!

This class will put all of the pieces together when it comes to creating a compelling, 3-Dimensional character that possesses all of the vital elements of an Oscar-Winning Performance!

So get ready for this compelling lecture on what makes your characters great!

On June 1st, Yale Professor of Film Studies, Marc Lapadula, is returning to the DC area for...

"Deep Character Analysis"

ANALYZING THE CREATION & PORTRAYAL OF Award-Winning Characters in Film!


Marc Lapadula discusses Dustin Hoffman's character in The Graduate

Back in February, Yale University Professor, Marc Lapadula gave a class in the DC area. And during that class, Marc ran a segment called "Deep Character Analysis" that illustrated character creation and development, via the screening of classic award-winning movie clips!

And that segment was so well received! It was not only extremely educational, but it was truly entertaining, humorous, and the students just loved it!

So Marc is coming back to teach a whole class with this important topic of "Deep Character Analysis"!

There is so much that Actors, Filmmakers and Directors can learn from this type of "Deep Character Analysis!"

? "I loved the class! mark is very passionate and very knowledgeable. I had a great moment and learned a lot."
? "Love this class for our instructor’s passion. Also, all the clips were really informative and well thought out seeing choices. Also, our instructors’ humor is right on target. Class was great not boring at all."
? "I got lots of great ideas and inspiration, and a long list of movies I want to see and learn from. Wish I can take a whole class!"

Examine Hollywood's Most Memorable Character Performances ever Captured on Film!

Marc Teaching 2

Marc teaches "Character Analysis" for the movie "On the Waterfront" with Oscar Winners, Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint

And Marc undoubtedly knows and understands Character Development!

His students have written and produced highly successful and/or critically-acclaimed scripts for films such as: 
Ocean’s 8, La La Land, (500) Days of Summer, The Disaster Artist, Our Souls At Night, The Hangover, 30 Minutes Or Less, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, The Break Up, The Spectacular Now, Anamorph, Expendables 3, The Wedding Ringer, The Fault in Our Stars, The Sisterhood of Night, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Bride Wars, Paper Towns, The Autopsy of Jane Doe and many others!

And Marc’s students have also scripted award-winning teleplays for TV: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Law and Order- SVU, Scrubs, The Agency, Hannibal, Believe, The Last Resort, Benched, Channel Zero, The Act, Best. Worst. Weekend Ever., and other shows.

So on June 1st, Yale University Professor Marc Lapadula is returningto the DC Area at the St. John's Academy in Mclean, VA, for a full-day class, to instruct Actors, Screenwriters, Filmmakers and Directors on Deep Character Analysis and how to take your characters' creation and performances to the Next Level!


And just look at what you'll be learning!

• This seminar will look at and analyze movie scenes and extended sequences from a wide range of classic and contemporary films. 
• The thrust of our efforts is to look beneath the surface of a film and to unearth what the film is really trying to convey to its audience! 
• The most ambitious filmmakers disguise their true artistic intentions behind the mask of easily accessible genre forms, often burying messages in the subtext of a scene. 
• There will be interactive moments where we will play, "What Happens Next" in a scene. 
• This class benefits those who wish to bring a great depth of understanding to their performances as actors or roles as directors and screenwriters. 
• Those who wish to attend who just want to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of film as an artistic medium will benefit greatly from this in-depth analysis.

And Marc's presentation on Deep Character Analysis will include the following topics:

• More Than Meets The Eye: How To Look Beneath The Surface Of Movie Characters 
• Fabulous Films From The Fifties 
• Chemistry On Film: The Most Romantic Scenes in Movie History 
• Great Performances: The Greatest Movie Moments 
• Acting Performances That Changed America and The Movies 
• Ethnic Characters In Film 
• Actors In Danger: The Most Challenging And/Or Dangerous Movie Scenes Ever Filmed 
• Great Comic Moments in the Movies

Film clips will be closely scrutinized from classic to contemporary films!

So make sure that you and your Actor and Filmmaking Friends Register soon for the Special Early-Bird Pricing!

Marc Teaching


For Actors, Filmmakers, Directors, Screenwriters and Film Enthusiasts


Saturday, June 1st 
From 10AM - 4PM


St. John's Academy in McLean, VA


Early-Bird Price is Only $99!!

And if you have questions...

Email our Seminar Host, Jay Chapin at: Jay@DragonukConnects.com